Who we are


Our Mission 

Benefit the farmers and customers through marketed the premium quality agriculture products.


Our Vision 

To be the most trusted organic foods supplier in China


Who we are 

Jiangxi Jinyuan Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.(JY Organic) was established in 2004. The core business involved in agricultural breeding, development, growing, production, processing, marketing. Our export catalogues includes IQF,AD,FD and fresh vegetable, fruits, puree and powder etc.


Advanced equipments and technologies secured the premium quality; the excellent management systems secure the foods safety. Shanghai and Beijing offices established for expanding domestic and exporting business. In the past yearsour products are selling well in the global market, and enjoying more and more favorites especially from Metro, Wal-Mart, Lotus and RT-Mart with stable quality and competitive price. Our exporting spans many countries and regions of Europe, North America, South America and Southeast Asia.

Our strong shareholders have secured the sustainable capital for JY organic development. SAIF III Mauritius Limited(China Investments),Shenzhen Ping’an Innovation Capital Investment Co.,Ltd.China International Capital Corporation Limited and Cinda Equity Investment Company Limited(Tianjin) and Suzhou Longyue Investment Center Ltd. Kangmei Co.,Ltd have been attracted by the huge potential market of JY organic.

Our products including organic and conventional:

  1. IQF vegetables, fruits and purees series: Soybean, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, water chestnut, sugar snap peas, snow peas, carrots, sweet corn, spinach, mixed vegetables, garlic sprouts, bean sprouts, peppers, chill, asparagus, spring onion, onion and gingers. IQF fruits series: strawberry, blackberry, yellow peach, mandarin orange, mango etc.

  2. AD/FD vegetables and fruits series: Chives, oyster mushroom, strawberry, mandarin orange, ginger powder, young barely powder, instant soup cups etc.

  3. Other products:JY Organic can make any other product from fruits and vegetables not mentioned here by previous agreement with and by request of the customer.

  4. Package:The IQF, AD and FD fruits and vegetables can be packed by the request of the customers.