Jiangxi bases

JY Organic farmers and employees grow, harvest and process all our products with careful consideration of sustainability and environmental stewardship, believing that the most delicious products are the ones closest to nature.

Agriculture is highly exposed to climate change, as farming activities directly depend on climatic conditions. Two of our main organic farms located in Wanzai and Tonggu counties of Jiangxi province, South-east part of China since 2004 and 2008. Both counties experienced the subtropical and humid climate, four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall. Advantage local natural conditions and abundant resource makes organic farming can be developed in an effective and efficient way.

As the leader of the organic agriculture, JY Organic have always farmed with an organic mindset, our fields and growing practices meet strict international standards and those standards are upheld through rigorous inspections by third-party inspectors and conducted under the strict purview. 

JY Organic also got strong supports from the governments. Local governments highly promoted organic agriculture as a strategy to benefit the local farmers, communities, economic and sustainable environment for the future. Wanzai county

Wanzai county has been certified as the first “organic county” by Chinese government, which located northwest of Jiangxi province.

Tonggu county

Tonggu county just beside of the north-west border of Wanzai county, its forest coverage is 87.4%, which is perfect environment for organic farming.